Laminated Wood


The carrier structural woods developed with lamination bind to their lives in structures as much stronger than their nature. It has perfect properties for heavy loads and big spaces. It presents rigidity, resistance and aesthetics and is a very elegant wooden construction part. Thanks to its natural wooden structure, it has architectural and visual superior properties without requiring an additional coating costs.

The laminated woods with high mechanical resistance and carrier properties are preferred over concrete and steel as it is much lighter. 

The laminated woods have a wide area of utilization. The laminated woods produced as beams, columns, switches and arches are used with much more resistance and reliability in residences, constructions, industrial facilities, sports facilities, indoors swimming pools, bridges and road structures.

The laminated woods are more fire and earthquake resistant compared to other materials thanks to its dense and homogenous structure. 

With high knowledge, educated technical personnel and state of the art technologies in all processes of production of laminated woods, NASWOOD realizes the laminated wood productions in its own facilities and presents the same to its customers under NASLAM brand.

NASLAM produces structural woods with height 3,3 meters and length 45 meters with special production techniques such as fingerjoint and lamination processes. In addition to standard straight laminated beams, the laminated beams produced in curved forms with strong R&D personnel find new lives thanks to projects.



NasLam Lamine Ahşap

Lamine Wood Types



NasLam Finger Joint Naswood


Finger joint operation; after removing the tapered teeth from the defective woods, they are joined by gluing to the tip end and pressed by pressing. It is the most accurate method that can be used in joining timber to extend the length. After this process, wood is also becoming more rigid. This process, which evolves from small timbers to giant building materials, offers the most aesthetic and robust structural timber that allows architectural wonders to be created.

Finger joint Naslam Naswood



NasLam Laminasyon Naswood


The wooden lamination is the process where the independent wood layers are glued and pressed with special industrial techniques to obtain bigger woods. The quality of laminated woods produced with lamination technique is much higher than the massive tree materials. The carrier properties and mechanical resistance is also higher.